Luxury Tourism: Forecasts and Trends for 2023

The proliferation of luxury tourism has led to an increasing number of people interested in this experience. But what is luxury tourism? It is a term that has evolved as the guest profile has evolved. In the beginning, it meant travelling to a destination with a high purchasing power and selecting accommodation at very high prices. Nowadays, these characteristics of luxury travel have taken a back seat and the experiences they have rather than the destination they visit are more important.

Enjoying an exclusive and differentiated service is a priority for the luxury tourist, living and enjoying special experiences is the most representative reason to make this type of trip. For this reason, in today’s article we will know the forecasts for luxury tourism in 2023 and we will share a selection of luxury services that everyone should experience once and several times in a lifetime.

Forecasts for luxury tourism in 2023

Luxury travel bookings have remained steady and strong throughout the autumn. Advance travel shopping and bookings have returned to pre-pandemic levels and ADRs (average daily rate) are considerably above those recorded in 2021 and 2019.
The luxury segment is a sector that needs to be taken into account as it can lead the way to higher quality, sustainable and profitable tourism across the industry. Keeping this tourist profile in mind is essential to reposition the services offered by a hotel chain. Currently, luxury travel contributes 2% to Spain’s GDP, a figure higher than that of other European countries, where it moves around 170,000 million euros per year.

Trends for luxury tourism in 2023

As we have seen, luxury tourism is no longer characterised solely by visiting a premium destination but by offering a customer experience adapted to the luxury sector. Today, it is about offering an experience that is beyond the reach of conventional tourism. The services that will stand out in the luxury sector in 2023 will be:

  • Personalisation of services: Ultra-personalisation is one of the most valued trends in luxury tourism. A guest determined to live a luxury experience looks for the services provided by his or her accommodation to be adapted as much as possible to his or her personality and particular tastes. The luxury hotel focuses on making the most of the information available to them to offer a personalised service.
  • Ecologically responsible experience: Due to the situation of sustainable awareness in which we find ourselves, the luxury tourist expects that the services offered by the hotel do not have a negative impact on the environment. Travellers are increasingly concerned about the care of their environment and luxury tourists are no less so. For this reason, hotel chains must implement sustainable policies in their spaces and the services they offer.
  • Adapted room service: Getting to know the culture and gastronomy of the place you are visiting is one of the key reasons for choosing a place when travelling. For this reason, offering a room service adapted to the gastronomic demands of the country is a differential service for the hotel chain. Le Room Service makes room service more attractive, improving the hotel offer and achieving higher sales, adding value to the hotel sector in several ways.

The customer profile that consumes for the luxury segment expects all their expectations to be met. Anticipation of needs and immediacy in seeking solutions are key points that stand out in the sector. This service requires total preparation and involvement of all the hotel’s departments. The luxury tourist is looking for a unique experience and this is the main aspect that hotel chains aim to cover by 2023.

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