Luxury Sector: The luxury hotel offer and its presence in Spain

The recovery of tourism and confidence in the Spanish market has led to a revitalisation of the hotel offer of establishments and activities oriented towards the luxury sector. The luxury sector represents the opportunity to enjoy services to which one does not have access on a regular basis. In other words, we are talking about exclusivity. Offering a professional and personalised service are two of the keys to reach the highest level of luxury.

The most luxury-oriented activities tend to have a very high level of demand in terms of service quality. The gastronomy and the great cultural heritage offered by our country are very representative elements of the exaltation of luxury tourism in Spain.

Why do tourists choose Spain over other destinations in the luxury sector?

– Because of the great variety of hotel chains belonging to the luxury sector in the main cities of our country.
– The international fame of Spanish gastronomy at the highest level and the recognition of the great chefs.
– The climate is another of the differentiating factors that increase tourism in the luxury sector throughout most of the year.
– The popularity of the works events specialising in luxury organised in our country.
– The characteristic personality of people of Spanish origin is another reason why the country is selected.

Madrid and Barcelona, the most attractive destinations in the luxury sector

The cities of Madrid and Barcelona are the most attractive and competitive destinations in terms of luxury services. The connectivity between these cities and the rest of the European countries greatly facilitates the organisation of events and trips in our country. On the other hand, the quality gastronomic offer is the differentiating point with respect to other countries outside Spain.
The profile of the client who consumes for the luxury segment expects all their expectations to be met. Anticipation of needs and immediacy in seeking solutions are key points that stand out in the sector. This service requires total preparation and involvement of all the hotel’s departments and, on many occasions, room service is a problem for hotels. Offering this service implies a staff load and involves a very representative expense. Le Room Service makes room service more attractive, improving the hotel offer and achieving higher sales, adding value to the hotel sector in several ways. Le Room Service currently operates with more than 300 hotel establishments, including luxury groups such as Meliá, NH, Vincci, Iberoestar, Turim and Barceló in Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon.

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