Tourism Expenditure Survey: EGATUR Figures in Spain, July 2022

The Tourist Expenditure Survey (EGATUR) is compiled by obtaining monthly information on tourist expenditure, taking into account non-resident visitors to Spain. The EGATUR sample size exceeds 127,000 surveys, distributed throughout the year according to the seasonality of the flow of travellers. The collection of data from the Tourist Expenditure Survey carried out by the INE is carried out by means of direct interviews when the traveller leaves Spain, thus obtaining very relevant data for the tourism and hotel sector.

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Taking into account the results obtained in EGATUR, we can affirm that the total expenditure of international tourists reached 11,869 million euros. In other words, spending by foreign tourists visiting Spain has increased by 127% compared to last year (when it was 5,229 million euros).
On the other hand, the average daily expenditure per tourist has increased by 17.4%, approximately 170 euros. The average duration of international trips is 7.7 days, so that the average expenditure per tourist stands at 1,309 euros, with an annual increase of 10.1%.

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The autonomous communities most visited by foreign tourists and, therefore, those with the highest tourist expenditure are the Balearic Islands (23.6% of the total), Catalonia (21.8%) and the Canary Islands (13.6%). The main countries of origin of tourists are the United Kingdom (20% of the total), Germany (11.3%) and France (10.2%).  Tourist expenditure increased by 71.1% in annual rate in the Balearic Islands, by 195.4% in Catalonia and by 155.8% in the Canary Islands. In addition, the rest of the Communities also presented positive annual rates of variation.

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The main item in July corresponded to expenditure on accommodation. Accommodation accounted for 21.2% of total tourist expenditure, representing an increase of 131.15% with respect to the same month in 2021.
With regard to the type of accommodation, 65.2% of total expenditure in July was on hotel accommodation. This represents an annual increase of 144.9%. On the other hand, spending in non-market accommodation has grown by 56.1%.
Leisure is the main reason for foreign tourists travelling to Spain, generating 91.1% of total expenditure.

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A stage takes place in each of the stops with overnight stays that take place during a trip. In other words, a trip will have as many stages as there are intermediate destinations where at least one overnight stay has been made.
The number of stopovers made by international tourists in Spain has increased by 109.9% in the annual rate. The total number of stopovers made in all types of accommodation (hotel, aparthotel, tourist accommodation, flats) is over 69.9 million, representing an increase of 93.4%.
The Balearic Islands is the community with the most overnight stays, approximately 15 million, with a growth of 66.5% more than in July 2021. On the other hand, it is followed by Catalonia, with 12.8 million and an increase of 138.1% and Comunitat Valenciana, with nearly 12 million and 65.2% more.

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