Le Room Service among 101 fastest-growing startups

Le Room Service is ranked first in Finance Pill’s list of the 101 fastest-growing startups and outsourcing companies in Spain. The company has evaluated a directory of more than 1,000,000 startups taking into account factors such as:

  • The organisation’s track record
  • Executive leadership
  • Market share
  • Company innovation
  • ESG rating

Thus, Le Room Service is not only part of this list of outstanding companies, but also occupies the first place in the ranking. The list includes a wide variety of outsourcing companies and more than 3,500,000 people in key positions in these companies. Finance Pill sources its data from OSINT and public company directories, analyses the data and designs country-by-country listings giving visibility to innovative startups.

fastest-growing startups
fastest-growing startups

Our value proposition

Le Room Service was born to improve the profitability of hotels by outsourcing room service. The company has always offered an efficient and personalised service to improve the hotel offer. Thanks to the benefits acquired by the hotels and organisations with which we collaborate, we have gained the loyalty of major brands that have complete confidence in our good work and the quality of our products and services. Currently, Le Room Service is considered one of the fastest-growing startups. Our objective has not changed: to continue to stand out in the hospitality sector and to progress both in Spain and in other countries.

We will continue to work with perseverance and effort to continue expanding internationally and growing horizontally in our services. We aim to be the most efficient solution for Food & Beverage departments in hotels, aparthotels and tourist flats. Le Room Service are in a moment of great evolution, which we are facing with great enthusiasm and, of course, with the conviction to bring them to a successful conclusion.

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