Business travel: A great opportunity for the hotel sector

The concept of business travel has evolved in recent years. Today, especially since the pandemic, many companies are instilling the mechanics of working from anywhere in their employees. For this reason, team travel is on the rise, with the aim of strengthening the bond and relationship between them.

Providing employees with an enriching experience will exponentially increase their satisfaction and therefore their work efficiency. Companies are aware that a good personal development implies a good working attitude. By planning business trips, they seek to motivate their teams, improve employee satisfaction, reinforce loyalty to the company and unleash creativity.

BUSINESS TRAVEL: A new form of corporate culture

How and where we work has evolved radically in recent years. Travel is now also linked to that evolution, and has become one of the cornerstones of company culture. Travel teams are becoming relevant as they take an active, cross-departmental approach, working in tandem with HR, data, finance, DE&I and sustainability.

To establish links in a hybrid or remote enterprise, occasional mobility of its members is a great solution. As travel becomes a more significant touch point for work collaboration, its benefits expand:

  • They connect people to the culture of the company.
  • Teams come together and collaborate on retreats and teambuildings.
  • Companies showcase their priorities and values at events and conferences.
  • Employees maintain and build relationships with each other.

BUSINESS TRAVEL: A big opportunity for hotels

Holding events in the common areas and meeting rooms of hotels is the key differentiator for hotels with a clear focus on the expansion and scalability of their services. Le Room Service expands its offer by offering hotels the possibility of outsourcing the organisation, management and dynamisation of events.

Through our service, hotels reinforce their business business line with the creation of events including meetings, company dinners, congresses, conferences, coffee breaks, family events or leisure activities. These are designed to meet a series of objectives: to exploit the usefulness of the hotel’s facilities to the maximum, to increase its visibility and business model, to achieve brand recognition and to publicise other services and/or products of the hotel.


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