Visit Madrid: the city that fuses historical and modernist richness

Visit Madrid, a city with streets full of life, irresistible gastronomy, an incomparable spirit that mixes the past with the present. That’s why we’ve designed the perfect three-day itinerary for enthusiastic travellers who don’t want to miss a single detail.

Visit Madrid in three days with this itinerary

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Day 1

We will carry out an interesting visit to the most interesting points of interest that generate great enthusiasm among travellers. We’ll start with a visit to Puerta del Sol, passing by the historic Plaza Mayor and the flavour of the Chocolatería de San Ginés. Immerse yourself exploring the Mercado de San Miguel, be impressed by the architecture of the Almudena Cathedral and Palacio Real. Don’t forget to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the squares and gardens found in the centre. Finally, you should visit the Plaza de Oriente, Plaza de España and finish at the Temple of Debod. So, this day is for cultural enrichment and also offers a unique sensory experience for newcomers.

Itinerary visit Madrid

-Puerta del Sol: is a square in the city of Madrid, home to some of the most significant buildings and statues in the capital.

-Chocolatería de San Ginés: it is a traditional chocolate shop that every visitor to Madrid must visit and taste its famous and delicious chocolate with churros.

-Plaza Mayor: it is a huge esplanade located in the centre of the city, which is a symbol of Madrid and a meeting point.

-Mercado de San Miguel: it is the gastronomic temple of the city of Madrid, it has the contemporary essence of all the gastronomic corners of Spain.

-Plaza de la Villa: one of the most visited and historic places in Madrid, its streets already existed in the Middle Ages.

-Almudena Cathedral: it is a cathedral with a museum that houses various offerings and donations to the city’s heritage.

-Royal Palace: former official residence of the kings, it is usually a very luxurious building, with large halls… perfect to visit it.

-Plaza de Oriente: it is a space that is surrounded by different perfectly kept gardens and an excellent exhibition of sculptures of Spanish kings.

-Plaza de España: it is a large space in Madrid with gardens, in its centre, there is a fountain dedicated to Miguel de Cervantes.

-Temple of Debod: it is an Egyptian temple from the 2nd century BC. It was donated to Spain by the Egyptian government to prevent flooding.


Day 2

The second day of your visit to Madrid will take you to explore the combination of nature and culture. You’ll start in the Retiro Park, where you’ll visit the impressive Crystal Palace and relax by the pond. You’ll continue past unique landmarks such as the majestic Puerta de Alcalá and the elegant Palacio de Cibeles. You will also experience the energy of the Gran Via and find calm in the city with the green Sabatini Gardens. We want you to immerse yourself in the tranquil nature within the fascinating city of Madrid on this day.

Itinerary visit Madrid

-Retiro Park: it is a historical garden of the city, it is considered Cultural Landscape World Heritage of the UNESCO, it has monuments, ancient landscapes…

-Palacio de Cristal: it is located inside the Retiro Park, it is one of the best of the so-called iron architecture of Madrid.

-Puerta de Alcalá: it is one of the five royal gates that gave access to travellers entering the city in the past.

-Palacios Cibeles: it is the current headquarters of the Madrid City Hall, it has a great cultural space, several rooms for events and celebrations…

-Gran Vía: it is one of the main streets of the city, important from a tourist, commercial and leisure point of view.

-Jardines de Sabatini: these gardens were built in the 1930s and consist of well-pruned symmetrical hedges, a pond, fountains, statues…


Day 3

End your 3-day trip by exploring Madrid’s hidden treasures, gems not to be missed. Start with the incredible Basilica of San Francisco el Grande to the bustling atmosphere of the El Rastro street market. Cross the historic Toledo Bridge and discover the beauty of Madrid Rio, where you can relax and enjoy the scenery. That’s why this itinerary takes you to explore the lesser known, but charming corners of the city of Madrid.

Itinerary visit Madrid

-Basilica of San Francisco el Grande: it is a catholic church that stands out for its dome, its interior decoration, its art gallery (including a painting by Goya and Zurbarán).

-Plaza de la Cebada: is a popular urban space in the La Latina neighbourhood in Madrid where the Cebada market is located.

-El Rastro: a market originally for second-hand goods that is set up every Sunday morning and on public holidays.

-Puente de Toledo: it is a bridge located in Madrid built between 1718 and 1732 that joins both banks of the Manzanares river.

-Madrid rio: is a park in Madrid located along a stretch of the Manzanares river with amazing fauna.


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