Le Room Service starts a new phase with a rebranding of its brand

Le Room Service begins a new stage by redefining its corporate identity to represent its current business positioning. Since its birth in 2017 as a startup dedicated to the outsourcing of F&B (Food and Beverage) services for the Hospitality sector, the company has been adapting to new market demands and evolving in its service offering. And now, the time has come for the brand image to reflect this transformation and represent the turning point for the new stage of growth and international expansion in which it finds itself. The new image will be applied throughout Le Room Service’s global network, currently present in Spain and Portugal and with upcoming openings in the main European capitals.

Le Room Service offers an authentic premium experience with an exclusive Food & Beverage service, far removed from the concept of traditional restaurant delivery. It is precisely this exclusivity that the rebranding aims to transmit, generating through the service and the gastronomic offer an additional experience in the customer’s journey.

“The updated identity aligns the Le Room Service brand with the strategic direction that has been defined for the company for the coming years. It is the visible part of our own business transformation, focused on providing our stakeholders with the unique experience that we are known for. This new brand identity supports our strategy and purpose.”

Describes Eve Vidal, Marketing Director of Le Room Service

This renewal is part of Le Room Service’s transformation plan, which is based on three axes:

  • Customer focus and digitalisation
  • The promotion of responsibility and sustainability
  • The review of processes to achieve maximum efficiency and agility

The new identity of Le Room Service includes the modification of its logo, the creation of a new claim, as well as a new palette of colours, typographies and graphic elements that, as a whole, give the brand its own personality. This new brand architecture will be visible in all off and online applications.

Le Room Service: Refresh of its logo

Since its origins, Le Room Service’s corporate visual identity has stood out for being linear, minimalist and simple. With the current redesign of the logo, the brand acquires a more modern style without losing the aesthetics that characterise it.

The change does not represent a complete break in the visual part -especially if we look only at the logo-, but it is not necessary either. The identity gains in solidity and coherence.

As an identifying visual complement, an isotype has been designed for the logo refresh, a key part of the new Le Room Service identity. This visual piece serves as the axis for articulating the new identity, a symbol that is also a seal of quality as it links the brand to its origins. It will be used both as part of the logo and independently.

le room service

Le Room Service changes its tone

The project is based on the premise of modernising and adapting the brand image to new trends, as well as to the company’s own growth. Le Room Service’s corporate colour palette has changed radically towards shades that are more in line with the personality and values that characterise the brand. The new colours mark a departure from the sober, monochromatic tones on which it previously relied.

This new colour palette reinforces its corporate personality, while visually linking the colour to the products within the respective product category. Colour is now also part of the brand’s communication. It will be present both physically through the redesigns of the packaging and the menu, and digitally, on the website and in the different communications shared by the brand.

The new corporate colours are differentiated into main colours and secondary colours. In this case, the main colours correspond to two shades of blue, one darker and the other lighter. These two colours will be used to represent the logo, the claim and the isotype. On the other hand, the secondary colours correspond to a more varied chromatic range and will represent the different product categories, giving them their own personality.

Le Room Service: “A TASTE OF TRAVEL”

The claim of Le Room Service evolves to “A TASTE OF TRAVEL”, taking into account that the service offered by the company enriches the customer’s journey, turning it into another experience.

Gastronomy is one of the main reasons to travel and enjoy getting to know the traditions and customs of other locations. The startup offers a varied gastronomic offer adapted to the tastes and trends of the market, preserving the dishes that identify and represent each of the countries where it operates. Le Room Service offers a room service adapted to the luxury sector, becoming another gastronomic experience of the trip, adding the convenience of enjoying it from the hotel room.

le room service


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