How to choose the best room service for your hotel

Offering a quality room service is indispensable to achieve the maximum pleasure of your guests. However, this internal management can be quite a challenge, as well as increasing your costs, decentralising you from your main objective, among other aspects that we have mentioned above.

This is where the option of outsourcing room service and its multiple benefits comes into play.

But be careful! You must take into account some key aspects when choosing which company will be in charge of this function in your accommodation, as your guests’ opinion of you will largely depend on this.

Recommendations to take into account when choosing the most suitable room service for you:

  • Experience and reputation: Look for companies with experience in the hotel industry and a good reputation for providing these services. Look at their content, find out who their customers are and what opinions they have about them.
  • Menu variety and quality: Make sure that the menu offers a variety of high quality dishes that will satisfy the most demanding preferences of your guests. Also, the presentation of the dishes is another aspect to consider.
  • Personalisation: At Le Room Service, for example, each menu is different, as it has the name and contact of the accommodation in question. This is what we mean when we talk about personalisation, because with this detail the client will feel that this service is exclusive to the hotel they have chosen to spend their nights.
  • Flexibility and efficiency: Extended opening hours and fast and efficient delivery are two very important elements to guarantee your client’s satisfaction. In this, Le Room Service is undoubtedly at the forefront. Our kitchens are open until 1:00 am and deliveries are made within 30 minutes at the latest. If it’s breakfast, the customer can order it in advance, so that only when they wake up will they have it with them.
  • Sustainability: Many customers are committed to sustainability, so look for a company that is committed to it and expresses it in factors such as its packaging, its pots and its corporate social responsibility actions. This will undoubtedly be another added value.
  • Customer service: Make sure you choose a company that offers excellent customer service and is available to deal with any queries or requests.


In short, choosing the right room service has a significant impact on both the experience of your guests and the operational efficiency of your accommodation. Please consider the above carefully and if you have any concerns, please write to us, we’ll be happy to work with you!

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