Hotel breakfasts as a differential value

The gastronomic proposal offered by hotels is a factor of great importance when choosing accommodation. Breakfast has become the most significant hotel service, an experience to add value to the stay and increase the average spend per room. It represents a profit centre and positively impacts brand image, search engine visibility and increased turnover.
Breakfast to go is becoming the preferred alternative for guests. The evolution of the classic breakfast buffet continues since the pandemic, when many hotels reduced their service offerings. In addition, this new breakfast format is gaining relevance due to consumer demand for more convenient and tailored options. The main hotel chains already offer this type of comfort to their guests, such as room service services that provide the flexibility needed by the new digital nomad profiles or those who love workations: being able to have breakfast from their own room while they work, avoiding strict schedules and face-to-face services.

Breakfasts: Key factor in the net promote score of your hotel

83% of guests consider breakfast a prerequisite for a positive hotel experience. In fact, a TripAdvisor survey states that for 65% the breakfast service directly conditions their reservation. It is a key factor, the “breakfast” option is the most used search filter in OTAs (online travel agencies). As a result, even hotels without the capacity to serve breakfast are looking for alternatives to take advantage of the visibility of the OTAs’ filters.
The expansion of the services offered by the hotel becomes a focus of attraction for new guests and reduces the effects of seasonality that slows down activity at certain times of the year. Offering a breakfast proposal with a rotating system that meets certain standards and requirements generates a very effective communication for the hotel that directly influences the degree of guest satisfaction. The positive association that guests make when they have a good breakfast experience generates positive opinions towards the establishment and the rest of the services it offers.
On the other hand, Google’s algorithm also prioritises positive reviews that mention breakfast in hospitality establishments. It is a term that is mentioned very frequently and the platform favours it to a great extent.

Advantages of offering breakfasts in your hotel

Le Room Service, a company specialising in meeting the needs of the hotel sector by offering a comprehensive F&B service, increases its offer by offering hotels the possibility of outsourcing the scheduling and management of the breakfast service.
The possibility of offering a daily and rotating breakfast is the key differentiating factor for hotels with a clear orientation towards the expansion and scalability of their gastronomic offer. Through our service, hotels reinforce their line of business with the introduction of a breakfast service that varies daily, allowing guests to enjoy a complete service that can be ordered and consumed from the room itself. It is for this reason that Le Room Service plays an essential role by taking care of the reception of the order, the execution of the breakfast proposal and the delivery to the client.
As we have mentioned, breakfasts generate a very effective communication for the hotel, as long as it is a value proposition that meets a series of standards that require planning and research. It is for this reason that Le Room Service becomes the perfect partner for the hotel, taking care of everything necessary for the breakfast to meet hotel standards. In this way, at Le Room Service we carry out an integral plan that includes from the design of the product rotation catalogue to the delivery to the guest’s room.

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